Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Can you hear me now?

Friday, towards the end of class. I'm talking about what's going to be on the upcoming exam when:

Ring ring!
Ring ring!

D whips his phone out from a pocket in his cargo shorts, I assume to turn it off in a quietly and appropriately embarrassed way. Instead he answers.

"Hello?...No, I'm in class right now. Can I call you back?...I'll call you back. OK. Bye."

He hangs up. I stare at him with my mouth hanging open for a few seconds. "Did you just answer your phone? In class?" I ask. He stares back at me and begins to look sheepish. Titters and snickers escape from the back of the room

"You...just answered your phone...in...the middle...of class." I stare him down again. His face turns red. At this point everyone is laughing out loud at D. I figure that's enough.

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